Mindfulness in nature – savoring sound

Sound is all around us, throughout our day. We encounter sounds that may be sweet or soothing, and occasionally, sounds that we might not want to hear.

However, sounds provide information and help us navigate in, and connect with, our larger world. A growing body of research supports the many health benefits of interacting with nature, and we can use our sense of sound as one doorway to connect with nature, literally or virtually.Β  Savoring practices also help us to “take in the good” and to balance out our inherent negativity bias, which is hardwired into our biological survival system but can lead to heightened stress.

Finally, sound is a neutral, present-moment anchor that we can use during various mindfulness exercises, especially if we’ve found other connections with our bodies to be difficult or triggering.

I hope you enjoy this lastest guided exercise in The SAVOR Project’s Mindfulness in Nature series. You can watch it here or on The SAVOR Project’s YouTube page.Β 

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